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Because we believe every "solopreneur", solo-practitioner and small business owner deserves the same cyber security protections as Fortune 500 companies.

RESOLUTE:SOLO is an exclusive membership with access to cyber risk mitigation services that help you protect your dream of business ownership and your clients.


Join a growing group of small business owners and solo-practitioners with the desire to protect their business from tomorrow's cyber threats.

We make cyber security our business,
so you can focus on yours.

Cyber Risk Mitigation
For Small Business Owners and Solo-Practitioners


Why Our Focus On
Small Business?

Because starting a business is hard enough and YOU deserve access to the same cyber risk mitigation services used by Fortune 500 companies to protect their business.

Business Man


Your Dream

Cyber security isn't just about data; it's about protecting the very essence of your dream from being shattered by malicious attacks that could undo all your hard work and dedication.


Preserving Trust and Reputation

The fear of betraying the trust of your customers and stakeholders due to a cyber breach is a haunting nightmare that could irreparably damage the reputation you've worked tirelessly to build.

Fists in Solidarity

Safety of Your Growing Team

Enabling your team to thrive in a secure environment isn't just about protection — it's about fostering an environment where they can focus on innovation, collaboration, and driving the business forward without the constant fear of cyber threats looming overhead.

Regulatory and Ethics Considerations

If your business provides services in the healthcare or legal market segment, this membership can help you achieve a closer alignment with regulatory or ethics requirement or obligations through the access to RESOLUTE:LITE.


Benefits of this membership align with HIPAA’s Administrative Safeguards Requirements


  • Security Management Process

  • Protection from malicious software

  • Response & Reporting

American Bar Association

Align your law practice with the updated ABA Ethics & Professional Conduct Rules and Opinions.

  • Promote Risk Awareness
    ABA Model Rules 1.1 / 1.15 / 1.6

  • Obtain Risk Visibility
    ABA Model Rule 1.4


  • Processes & Monitoring
    ABA Model Rules 5.1 / 5.3


  • Opinion 477R
    Secure Communication, Competence, Confidentiality

  • Opinion 483
    Ethical Obligations, Reasonable Measures

Includes our RESOLUTE:LITE service offering.

Membership Benefits


Get enterprise-grade cyber threat detection, protection, and remediation capabilities through the full-service RESOLUTE:LITE

offering for up to 2 computers*.  No matter where the endpoint is located.


Includes Security Awareness Training** of curated story-based episodes on topics like ransomware, passwords, phishing, privacy, and more.


Join other members in our quarterly virtual security round table discussions where we cover current events, industry related topics, and answer questions from the audience.


Receive curated industry security news and updates on a regular basis to keep you aware of real-world threats.

*) Supported operating systems include Windows, Apple MacOS, or Linux. Mobile devices (tablets, phones, etc.) are currently not supported.

**) One person per subscription.

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