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Advanced Data Research

Every digital forensic investigation or cyber security effort is unique! Commercially available solutions enable the user to perform common workflows for particular industries, departments or applications. However they fall short when addressing very specific needs such as highly custom workflows, fast proliferation of new applications or new technologies.

The Benefits



With commercial tools you typically need to wait several months for a general version update and hope you particular feature request made it into the release. This is not the case with custom solutions. They are written with your time table in mind.



The primary goal is to integrate and/or expand the capabilities of existing solutions to resolve very specific needs in your environment. This may mean to write a simple plugin to parse a new set of data sets or write a standalone solution that automates the workflow between two independent solutions.



Digital investigations and cyber security efforts are constantly challenged by the continuous shift in threats and data to be analyzed. Our approach allows you to solve such challenges and innovate.

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