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RESOLUTE is a fully-managed cyber risk mitigation service that helps law firms put client confidentiality and ethics obligations back on track in the digital age.

We make cyber security our business,
so you can focus on yours.

Cyber Risk Mitigation
Focused on Law Firms & Practice Management


Cyber Security In A Law Firm Setting

Measuring and understanding how cyber security risks relate to business operations in a law firm setting is essential in today's business climate because a modern law firm may experience prolonged business disruptions, loss of confidential client data, and possible ethics violations in the event of a cyber incident.


Cyber threats against law firms are so advanced and prevalent that the American Bar Association took notice and updated several of their Ethics & Professional Conduct Rules and Opinions. 


Those changes address the need to make cyber risk mitigation efforts an active part of protecting legal and sensitive client documents.


Our fully-managed cyber risk mitigation service RESOLUTE can help align your firm with the American Bar Association rule changes and opinions.


3 Cyber Risk Mitigation Aspects


Reflection on the core duty of confidentiality relating to a new and constantly changing technology landscape

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