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eDiscovery Collections

Identify relevant data sources, initiate data preservation actions, perform defensible collections, maintain evidence integrity and chain of custody records throughout the entire process.


Depending on case requirements, we can perform onsite or remote collections. Collected data is stored in a forensically sound and defensible manner. Having handled the digital data collection aspects for hundreds of legal matters, we work with proven technologies and utilize a methodical and defensible approach to preserving, collecting, and analyzing electronic data. Our clients benefit from our ongoing training and industry leading certifications such as CCE, GCFE, and EnCE.


Collection consulting

Take advantage of our ability to review enterprise technologies, data stores and processes. Identify and develop a streamlined strategy to achieve timely identification, adequate preservation, and forensically sound collection of electronically stored information (ESI). Creating a repeatable, documented and automated workflow provides a more consistent work product, visibility into potential discovery issues and allows for more predictable timelines during data collection efforts.


Data identification & collection

Our experience in planning and performing successful identification and acquisitions of large and elaborate data sets enables a continuous flow of information and data into the document review stages.


Data preparation

Performing data analytics on collected or 3rd party data sets ensures a sound evidence baseline. This practice provides deeper insight into complex data sets and prevents potential data integrity issues later in the process. Such analytic data points may drive budget considerations, prioritization of custodians, or decisions on data sources/types


forensic analysis

In-depth forensic analysis of digital devices is one of Proactive Discovery’s core competencies. We provide digital forensic analysis services to law firms, corporate clients and law enforcement agencies. A forensic analysis of digital devices or data sources may equip your legal team with evidence that determines or redefines your case strategy


Expert testimony

We work closely with legal counsel to prepare and provide technical testimony of performed forensic analysis or eDiscovery data collections for purpose of presentation in a courtroom or depositions


Novel & legacy data sources

At Proactive Discovery we welcome the challenges of unconventional, custom or legacy data sets. We thrive developing and executing protocols to forensically collect relevant data in such challenging environments


  • Hard drives (laptops, desktops, servers)

  • Mobile phones

  • Tablets

  • USB thumb drives

  • External USB hard drives

  • Gaming consoles (Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, etc.)

  • Credit card skimmers

  • Internet of Things (IoT) devices

  • Medical devices

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms

  • Email platforms (Office 365, Exchange, Gmail, GSuite, IMAP/POP3 [Yahoo!, Hotmail, Zoho, iCloud, ...], etc.)

  • Enterprise storage devices (SAN, NAS, etc.)

  • and many more...


Simply contact us and our forensic experts will discuss options on how to preserve data from the device.

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