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RESOLUTE is a fully-managed cyber risk mitigation service that helps boutique and SMB (small to medium-size business) organizations protect, mitigate, and prepare against constantly evolving cyber threats.

Small & Medium Business
Cyber Threat Protection

Starting at the
Price of A
Daily Cup of
Gourmet Coffee


We make cyber security our business,
so you can focus on yours.

A Fully-Managed Cyber Risk Mitigation Service


A proactive approach to cyber risk mitigation.  The RESOLUTE service fosters a cyber security mindset that focuses on more than just technology.


Human role in cyber security

A focused approach to inform humans of their role in cyber security and how attackers exploit human emotions.

cyber security human element


Engage In Proactive Threat Protection

Enable sophisticated protection of digital assets by deploying cyber threat detection, protection, and remediation capabilities.

cyber security infrastructure and endpoint measures


Document Critical Actions

Documentation of policies, workflows, and play books to turn a reactive actions into a proactive strategy.

cyber security documentation process
Frequently Asked Questions

We already have an IT support vendor. Does this service replace them?

NoOur service is NOT competing with the core services a traditional IT services provider offers.  Our RESOLUTE service is in conjunction with IT service providers.


Our focus is on reducing the attack surface of your organization across a multitude of technology stacks and business workflows. We do this by continuously monitoring system behaviors, alerting on vulnerable applications in the environment, detecting and responding to threat in real time, review configurations of cloud environments and more.

Furthermore, our RESOLUTE services focuses on procedures and cultural elements as it relates to reducing cyber risk in the organization.

Some of our employees work remotely. Are they protected when using this service?

Yes.  Our service is designed to fit a zero-trust security architecture. Meaning, no matter where your computers are, they are monitored and protected 24/7.

Our endpoint detection and response (EDR) component is 100% cloud based.  Once configured, it protects computers through sophisticated behavioral and machine-learning capabilities.  Even when not connected to the Internet.

We don't have a "security guy", can we still use this service?

Absolutely.  We created the RESOLUTE service specifically for that reason.  Our clients routinely do not have dedicated cyber security staff.


This is a fully managed security service for your organization. 


Our security experts monitor your assets 24/7/365 on your behalf and alert you if a threat or concern is detected.

We have no idea how to start a security program. Does this service help us?

Yes.  The RESOLUTE platform incorporates educational means to enable a corporate culture that embraces cyber security as a business process.


We will work closely with your organization to develop tailored cyber security workflows and processes that align with your business operational requirements.

This way you can go back and focus on growing your business.



A focused approach to inform employees of their role in cyber security and how attackers exploit human emotions.

cyber threat detection business email compromise phishing email wire fraud


consider the human element in security

Provides access to various training modules that enable staff to recognize cyber threats such as email phishing or financial wire fraud.


Promote cybersecurity awareness through ongoing phishing simulations, training and education, and reinforced security policies.



Documentation of policies, workflows, and play books to turn a reactive actions into a proactive strategy.



Creating an inventory of digital assets used to interact with critical business information and identifying where sensitive data is stored, enables the development of a sound cyber risk mitigation strategy.

Cyber security for small and midsize organizations
Cyber security for small and midsize organizations



A sound cyber risk mitigation strategy considers possible risk exposures before an incident occurs.  Planning ahead will save time and frustration.



Enable sophisticated protection of digital assets by deploying cyber threat detection, protection, and remediation capabilities.



24/7/365 protection and ongoing monitoring of laptops, computers, and servers is a critical component for a comprehensive cyber security and risk management strategy.

Cyber threat detection protection mitigation remediation

regain trust in your DIGITAL ASSETS

To build a sound foundation for a defense against cyber threats, it is necessary to understand the current network,  the tactics of attackers, and the maturity level of a cyber risk mitigation program.


Performing proactive and continuous monitoring empowers your organization to determine if existing security efforts are successful. The ongoing 24/7/365 assessments can detect signs that an attacker has been bypassing existing perimeter defenses on endpoints like computers, laptops, servers, or virtual cloud infrastructure.


Having visibility into endpoint risk profiles within minutes gives you the advantage of focused threat containment and risk mitigation efforts.


Cyber Security In A Law Firm Setting

Measuring and understanding how cyber security risks relate to business operations in a law firm setting is essential in today's business climate because a modern law firm may experience prolonged business disruptions, loss of confidential client data, and possible ethics violations in the event of a cyber incident.


Cyber threats against law firms are so advanced and prevalent that the American Bar Association took notice and updated several of their Ethics & Professional Conduct Rules and Opinions. 


Those changes address the need to make cyber risk mitigation efforts an active part of protecting legal and sensitive client documents.


Our fully-managed cyber risk mitigation service RESOLUTE can help align your firm with the American Bar Association rule changes and opinions.


3 Cyber Risk Mitigation Aspects


Reflection on the core duty of confidentiality relating to a new and constantly changing technology landscape

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