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Be proactive about digital evidence.

Obtain visibility into previously unavailable data sets. Gain a more complete perspective of historic events on digital devices.
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Perimeter defenses are not enough.

30% of cyber threats will make it past your external facing security devices! Having operational awareness, threat intelligence and cyber threat hunting tools facilitate faster detection and response to a cyber security threat.
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Can SMB afford to ignore cyber security? No!

Cyber criminals target small and midsize business more than ever. As a sophisticated and forward looking leader in your organization, you must confront the reality of cyber threats.
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of network breaches give hackers access to networks within minutes


of cyber espionage breaches target trade secrets or proprietary information


of web application breaches are financially motivated


of breaches attributed to insiders (employees/contractors) or privilege misuse


we specialize in

Digital Forensics

Our forensic tools and processes gain access to hidden data stored on digital devices. We are able to recover information such as Internet browsing history, Windows registry, hidden or deleted files, historic versions of files, volatile data in memory and more. Obtain visibility into digital evidence for purpose of cyber threat root-cause analysis or civil proceedings.



Threat Indicator Assessment

Our Threat Indicator Assessment service determines whether endpoints have been compromised. It serves as a proactive tool to determine the presence of unknown vulnerabilities (0-day), known malware; as well as active or dormant persistent threats. The easy to read executive reports allow for immediate and focused actions.

Gap Solutions

We offer development of custom security/forensic solutions that bridge the gap of missing features in commercially available tools, require unique workflows or decode new/emerging data sets. We successfully integrated open-source tools in digital forensic/incident response (DFIR) workflows to create innovative workflows.



Cyber Threat Hunting

Traditional cyber security efforts were event driven and are therefore reactive by default. Cyber threat hunting, however, uses human and machine driven efforts to identify unexpected activities on computer systems and network traffic to determine if they pose a threat to the organization.

What does this mean for SMB?

Average days until a network breach is detected.

Number (in millions) of newly created malware last year.


Likelihood of a breach happening over 24 months