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Advanced Digital Forensic Services

We identify data sources, facilitate evidence preservation, analyze digital evidence through computer and mobile device forensics to prepare fact-based forensic reports.

Our Services

Our track record speaks for itself: Hundreds of investigations completed. Thousands of devices analyzed.

Digital Forensics

Our forensic tools and processes gain access to hidden data stored in Internet browsing history, Windows registry, hidden or deleted files, historic versions of files, volatile data in memory and more. We use forensically sound methodologies to preserve, collect and analyze digital evidence to allow our findings to be admitted as evidence.

Cyber Threat Detection

Our Cyber Threat Detection service offer sophisticated, enterprise grade cyber threat detection technology to organizations of all sizes. The service quickly and cost-efficiently determines if an adversary has infiltrated your network.  Performing proactive cyber threat assessments empowers your organization to determine if existing security efforts are successful.

eDiscovery Collections

Identification and preservation of  electronically stored information (ESI) is critical for investigations or legal matters. We identify data sources and facilitate the acquisition of ESI across a multitude of data sources such as computers, cell phones, tablets, IoT devices, network shares and cloud infrastructure.

Advanced Data Research

New technologies and devices require innovative forensic approaches. Our Advanced Data Research service focuses on groundbreaking analysis of unknown data structures. We develop custom forensic solutions that enable the decoding of new and emerging data sets.


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Intellectual property theft, corporate espionage, financial fraud, human resource investigations, etc. are risks to organizations of any size. Forensic examination of digital assets such as computers, mobile phones, medical and Internet of Things (IoT) devices or storage media can provide crucial information.


Forensic analysis of digital devices provides insight into potential evidence that may have been modified, created
or deleted.