Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics

The preservation and acquisition of digital information is by far the most critical step when considering a forensic analysis of any kind of digital asset. Your IT support team or server administrator, is typically not equipped or trained to properly secure digital evidence that can be admitted as evidence. Specialized tools, processes and training is required to capture and manage digital evidence throughout the entire phase of a digital investigation.

We have performed hundreds of investigations and identified data sources, facilitated preservation of electronically stored information (ESI), analyzed digital evidence, and prepared fact-based forensic reports.

Corporations have reported an increase of data theft by over 69% within the last 12 months. Intellectual property theft, corporate espionage, financial fraud, policy violations, etc. are a constant threat to an organization of any size.

Our digital forensic services can gain insight into evidence that digital devices store for days, weeks or even months after data has been deleted or modified.

Our forensic tools and processes reveal hidden data stored on digital devices. We are able to recover information such as Internet browsing history, Windows registry, hidden or deleted files/photographs, historic versions of files, volatile data in memory and more.

We use forensically sound methodologies to collect, preserve and analyze digital evidence to allow our findings to be admitted as evidence.

Cyber threat hunting efforts benefit from the use of sound forensic methodologies and enable attribution of malicious activity such as program execution, data exfiltration, system reconfiguration, etc.

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