Proactive Discovery focuses its expertise on the following areas

Threat Indicator Assessments

Our Threat Indicator Assessment service determines whether endpoints have been compromised. It serves as a proactive tool to determine the presence of unknown vulnerabilities (0-day), known malware; as well as active or dormant persistent threats. The easy to read executive reports allow for immediate and focused actions.



Digital Forensics

Our forensic tools and processes gain access to hidden data stored in Internet browsing history, Windows registry, hidden or deleted files, historic versions of files, volatile data in memory and more. We use forensically sound methodologies to preserve, collect and analyze digital evidence to allow our findings to be admitted as evidence.

Cyber Threat Hunting

Today’s cyber security efforts require a proactive approach in finding threat actors in corporate network environment. Cyber Threat Hunting is a human-driven and proactive concept that enables organizations to obtain better situational awareness when protecting digital assets.



Gap Solutions

We offer development of custom security/forensic solutions that bridge the gap of missing features in commercially available tools, require unique workflows or decode new/emerging data sets. We successfully integrated open-source tools in digital forensic/incident response (DFIR) workflows to create innovative workflows.