Unknowns Become Accessible


We strongly believe in the Edmond Locard (1877-1966) “exchange principles” which follow the basic premise that where ever we go (physically or in cyber space), we will carry some evidence with us and leave some behind. We cannot interact with our environment without a transfer of evidence occurring. Evidence can include anything from blood, saliva, hair, paint, explosive, drugs, impressions, chemicals; and nowadays digital traces.

In our digital society, we leave traces at many places, posting comments on blogs, chatting with friends on Facebook, sharing your vacation pictures on Flickr, the list goes on. Before the digital media was mainstream, a private investigator had to physically move around town to find information about a subject. Today, the majority of research can be completed by using a computer.

Our cyber investigations service offers our clients a detailed and simple to read report that gathers case relevant cyber information about a subject’s activity, actions, whereabouts, etc. We obtain publicly accessible information from several sources in cyber space and position the results at you finger tips.

Types of cases which benefit from this service include, which includes by are not limited to

  • workers compensation disputes
  • cyber bullying
  • employee misconduct
  • copyright infringement
  • cyber stalking
  • harassment
  • and more