Creative Solutions Solve Problems


Here at Proactive Discovery, we are all about working efficiently and saving our clients time and money during investigations and eDiscovery projects. Although all projects are different, some tasks are repetitive. In such instances, we strive to implement automated processes to let computers do what they do best – process data in large volumes.

The solution: WIBNI™ Applications

The WIBNI™ (a.k.a Wouldn’t It Be Nice If) framework allows you to solve problems specific to your internal workflows and challenges related to digital investigations, eDiscovery and data analysis.

Here is how it works.

WIBNI™ applications are customized software solutions based on forensic platforms such as Guidance Software – EnCase. EnCase provides a scripting language interfaces, which allow the development of custom applications that run within its respective environment. The application utilize its solid forensic foundation and provides you with a familiar user interface.

One particular focus of the WIBNI™ framework is the development of EnScripts. Clients using EnCase Forensic, EnCase Enterprise, CyberSecurity or eDiscovery from Guidance Software have benefited from custom WIBNI™ applications that perform very specific and customized tasks in an automated and repeatable fashion.

A separate offer is the development of standalone applications that fulfill a very specific purpose. This may be interfacing with a proprietary repository to extract large volumes of data, perform analytics on data structures, decode unparsed data structures, etc. Your situation may ask for a different solution for which we can develop an application.

One particular use case for this type of custom development arises during mobile device forensics. Proactive Discovery has successfully developed specialized algorithms for local law enforcement agencies to parse data structures from mobile phones such as call logs, SMS messages, phone book entries, email messages, etc. where commercial tools could not interpret such records.

Contact us today, and let your imagination drive the scope of a WIBNI™ application that will automate time consuming and costly functions within your forensic and eDiscovery teams.